To provide affordable and compelling courses taught by experienced professors from world-renowned colleges and universities through a live classroom environment.


QVersity is a provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions that enable leading colleges and universities to deliver high-quality Short Courses and undergraduate/graduate Degree programs to students seeking knowledge anywhere in the world. Our sophisticated and robust online learning platform, and bundled technology-enabled services provide a comprehensive operating infrastructure that professors at colleges and universities need to attract, enroll, educate, support, and certify their students at scale.

With our platform, students can pursue their education anytime, anywhere, without quitting their jobs or moving; and our university partners can improve their brand reach by delivering short courses online, which gives them access to the whole world.


QVersity enables professors of great colleges and universities to bring their courses online, and allows them to redefine the way higher education is delivered. Our platform allows students to access affordable and compelling courses from experienced professors globally through a live, online classroom environment. QVersity accelerates careers through course certifications from world-class colleges and universities.


QVersity was incubated inside of QBS Learning, a leading content development company for K-12 and higher learning publishers. QBS Learning was formed by the merger of the Bill Smith Group and Q2A Media in June 2011. QBS Learning services customers in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

QBS, through its predecessor company, Bill Smith Group, has been operating in the US since 1983 through multiple editorial and production offices. More than thirty years of successful publisher partnering has produced market-share-leading products in every content area. Originally known for graphic design, Bill Smith Group expanded into the editorial realm, offering content services in all disciplines in 2008. The full-service team has become a recognized leader in content development, instructional design, visualization, media research, and project management.