Principles of Biomedical Ethics

Created by Dr. Kirk A. Johnson


Course Description
The concept of biomedical ethics deals with ethics that are involved in biological research and medicine while exploring the complicated and most controversial topics that exist in the medical field. In this intensive program, students will critically assess ethical dilemmas and policy considerations raised in the clinical and research segment.

This course is intended to introduce an examination of central matters of moral concern in medicine and the life sciences, comprising of some of the following: end of life care, allocations of resources, requirements of consent, the disclosure of genetic information, euthanasia, and manipulation of genetic material in germ cells among others. The selected issues are considered in the contexts of moral justification and moral decision making, with attention to fundamental matters of ethical theory.

It is designed with the aim to introduce students to the basics of bioethics together with core concepts and skills. This course will interest undergraduates, policymakers, anyone interested in philosophy or ethics, and healthcare professionals. The idea of this course is to provide exposure to the everyday reality of human existence. Individuals with a background in biomedical ethics are employed in a variety of settings, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, institutional review boards, and policy organizations.

Learning Outcomes
Through assignments and class participation, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Articulate ethical theories and ethical principles, both non-religious and religious, as these are applied to problems in medical and healthcare practices.
  • Draw connections between the medical ethical issues studied current events, and the student’s personal and professional interests.
  • Employ ethical analysis to critique the arguments of authors and to defend the student’s own position on ethical problems.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Course
Depth of Knowledge 01:00:00
Introduction Live Session 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Moral Reasoning in Bioethics
Depth of knowledge 01:00:00
Live Session 1 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Paternalism and Patient Autonomy
Depth of Knowledge 01:00:00
Live Session 2 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Truth Telling and Confidentiality
Depth of Knowledge 01:00:00
Live Session 3 01:00:00
Case Studies
Informed Consent
Depth of Knowledge 01:00:00
Live Session 4 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Human and Animal Research
Depth of Knowledge 01:00:00
Live Session 5 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Abortion & Reproductive Technology
Depth of Knowledge-7 01:00:00
Live Session 6 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Eugenics & Genetic Choices
Depth of Knowledge-8 01:00:00
Live Session 7 01:00:00
Case Study BE-8
Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) & End of Life
Depth of Knowledge-9 01:00:00
Live Session 8 01:00:00
Check your Understanding 00:05:00
Social Determinants of Health
Depth of Knowledge-10 01:00:00
Live Session 9 01:00:00
Case Study BE-10
Final Assessment
Final Assessment 00:15:00

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