Business Analytics

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The concept of business analytics relates to the skills and technology that are used to derive insights into the company data that can be used for future planning. This program will teach you to apply basic analytics to everyday business decisions that will help to improve the profitability of the business, increase market share and revenue and provide a better return to a shareholder.
This program is intended to describe basic data types, sampling methods, determine what makes a good survey, and use different ways to visualize your data. The student will be taught to use popular descriptive statistics and basic probability concepts, understand the use of inferential statistics tools such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, and the use of basic excel model building for revenue, cost, and profit.

The Business Analytics at QVersity is designed with an aim to introduce the learners to the use of statistical analysis, computing tools, and mathematical models to predict the outcomes of various business decisions and identify their best implementation. This program will interest undergraduates, MBA graduates, individuals who are comfortable with mathematical formulas, and professionals in financial management, and marketing. Careers with business analytics are wide-ranging from data scientist to the quantitative analyst to business analyst manager and many more.

Learning Outcomes
Through assignments and class participation, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • To get an overall understanding of what statistics are and how they apply to business.
  • Identify various data types.
  • Create appropriate visual displays.
  • Describe the role of data collection, surveys & sampling methods in analytics.
  • Create and work with basic linear models using Excel.

Course Curriculum

Intro to Statistics. How to evaluate statements based on statistics.
Data Visualization
Descriptive Statistics
Creating Representative Unbiased Samples
The Normal Distribution/Confidence Intervals
Finding the equation of a line.
Linear Models
Linear Models – II
Performing and designing Hypothesis Tests

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