Understanding Big Data

Created by Jamal Robinson


What is humanities best invention? The combustible engine, the wheel, vaccinations or nuclear fission? Some may say none of the above and instead humanities best invention is the printing press. Why? Because being able to mass print information revolutionized the spread of knowledge, allowing us to more easily disseminate information and drastically changed the way society evolved. This rapid growth in data has fueled a new era, the era of big data. As previous tools weren’t equipped to handle a large amount of data, which comes rapidly and requires indefinite storage, data scientist had to invent new tools to accommodate their data usage patterns. This led us into an explosion of big data tools which can be intimidating to the beginner as the tools contain hard to decipher names, seemingly redundant applications, and non-traditional data structures.

In this program, you will learn the most popular big data technologies and provide hands-on experience to get you comfortable with big data applications and how they are applied in real-world scenarios of capturing, analyzing, sharing, visualizing and storing data.

This program is for those who are new to big data and have an interest in understanding why the big data revolution began, what tools are fueling its success and where things are headed in the future. Almost all of the major tech companies use big-data technologies in some form or another, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Baidu, IBM, Apple, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Learning Outcomes
After completion of the program you should be able to:

  • Be conversant with the terminology and the core concepts of big data.
  • Describe the big data landscape including examples of real-world big data problems and approaches
  • Identify big data problems and be able to re-frame the issues as data science questions
  • Summarize the features and significance of core components of Hadoop and other big data tools
  • Have hands-on experience using some of the most popular big-data technologies
  • Understand how big data can be useful at your company and to your career.

Course Curriculum

Intro to Big Data
Understanding the Hadoop Ecosystem
Getting Started with Hadoop P1
Getting Started with Hadoop P2
Intro to Spark
Other Big Data Components
Big Data from the Data Scientist Perspective
Visualizing Big Data
Enterprise Big Data
Preparing for the future of big data

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