How It Works

Our innovative online learning platform enables colleges and universities from around the world to offer high-quality educational content together with instructor-led classes in a live, intimate and engaging setting. Our classes, on an average, room forty-students per session and are all accessible through proprietary web-based and mobile applications. QVersity powers the following functionalities:


  • Virtual, Live Classes and Groups-   QVersity enables a variety of live, small-group class sessions that are accessed online. Our technology solutions allow instructors to simultaneously lead group discussions, customize the virtual classroom to their style and display a variety of documents, images, charts, notes, and videos. QVersity also enhances collaboration by allowing students to interact during class sessions using online video interaction, establish breakout groups for student discussions and group assignments, and sharing projects on-screen for group feedback. Additionally, QVersity is available for students to collaborate in planned or ad hoc study or work groups, regardless of day or time.


  • Delivery of High Quality, Engaging Content-   At QVersity, our associated instructors and we, create; publish; and deliver video and other asynchronous content, interactive course lectures, individual and group assignments, and assessments. We have developed technology solutions to enhance interaction between a faculty member and students, both individually and as a group, by blending asynchronous content and real-time student responses in the online environment.


  • Dynamic Social Networking-   QVersity provides an intuitive social interface that connects students to an extended network of faculty, other students, researchers and administrators who are a part of their university or college community. We provide users with fully customizable social profiles, multimedia postings, and dynamic communication and notification tools designed to supplement the live classroom experience and promote meaningful relationships.


  • Content Management System-  Our content management system enables our clients and us to author, review, and deploy asynchronous content into their online course offerings. The content management system includes a set of project management and collaboration tools that allow clients to seamlessly integrate the work of faculty with our course production and content development staff.